Silent Sunday

I am on my mobile app in La Grande, Ore. But here are some snapshots from my weekend in the Grande Ronde Valley. 


FYI, I will come back to this post and add some words once I am on my computer so stay tuned and happy Sunday! 


Things I’m Loving Friday #23

Is anyone else shocked that October is half way over? How did that happen?

I hope everyone had as good of a week as I did. Yes, I had to reintroduce myself into work life after vacation but overall it went smoothly.

My goal for this weekend is to get in some seasonal activity. I’m hoping my good friend, Hannah, can come down from La Grande and go to the pumpkin patch with us. If not, we will save that for next weekend and maybe do a corn maze or something. Or at least, be productive in some way. 😉

From my last post, you know I have a few things I am loving this week so let’s get started.

1. Advancing in my job

This was one of the goals I set for myself for my 23rd year and I am so happy it happened as it has. I feel so appreciated here and it is nice to have my work ethic recognized the way it couldn’t at the hospital.

I am a little intimidated by this promotion but I want to do good and I don’t believe it is anything I can’t handle. I am excited for the opportunity and I hope I learn a lot in this role. I’ll be doing a lot of coordinating for trade shows and events so it will be very busy but good!

2. Hawaii

I’m sure you already could guess that this was coming. I know I praised Hawaii a lot in my recap post but I honestly honestly can’t express how perfect it was there. I know it was a vacation so most likely it was going to be a good time but I felt so at ease there.

I can’t stop thinking about it and what it would be like to go there for an extended period of time. I think now in this time of my life is the perfect time to take some kind of action because I am young and don’t have too many ties holding me in one place. The hardest part will be not being close to my family but I guess they’ll just have to come visit.

3. Self hosting!


I did it! I finally bit the bullet and have began to set up self hosting. I will need a few more days to iron out any kinks but I am very excited for all the opportunity this could bring! I am excited to have real stats on my site and will have more freedom with the structure and design of the site as well!

I chose Bluehost because I have heard only good things and they had a pretty good deal for the basic starter pack.

4. Extending vacation

When Nolan and I got back from Hawaii we both were not ready to get back into the real world so we decided to extend our vacation. I went to work of course but we just lounged for most of the week and even though we didn’t unpack until two days ago and the house got a little messy it felt nice to just be unwound.

We set the living room into a kind of fort and caught up on The Leftovers. I loved coming home and just laying down and watching TV and not worrying about doing dishes or laundry.

5. Planning for future blogs

I have been thinking a lot about what sort of posts I want to publish and what I want to do with this blog and I have some really cool ideas I want to pursue. I want to get back into my journalist side and write some good-quality freelance work. There are a few topics I am very interested in talking about and hope to produce some intriguing posts for you guys.

That is all I have for you this week! I hope you all enjoy your weekend and be sure to check back for some new posts next week!

Exciting announcements

The time has come when I can finally share my good news!

Drumroll please….

I got a promotion at work!

I will be in charge of inventory/sample requests, which is something I already do in my current job but this will allow me to help set up more of a process for it. We are still a young company so there are things that need more focus now than they once did. I am very excited to still be working under my same boss but I am excited to have some more responsibility.

Since graduating from school I have been making a conscience effort to listen to myself and my feelings. I have made it a habit to check in with myself and analyze the feelings I have in regards to the things in my life. I knew almost immediately that my last job at the hospital was not the right fit but I needed the money and it wasn’t ‘the worst’ job.

However, I reached a point where I couldn’t do it anymore. I was so limited and without flexibility in my work schedule there was no way I could find another job. So, I did a lot of reflecting and came up with plans A and B and made the decision to put in my two weeks.

Leaving my job without anything lined up was scary, I won’t deny that, but I felt confident I made the right choice. I found my current job and really hit it off with my current boss but even then I had a few moments of hesitation that I chose correctly. Throughout everything I have listened to my gut and ultimately it has paid off.

I have been so lucky with my current company and I have finally reached a point where I am excited to go into work and finish the projects on my plate. I have said it before but honestly this job has brought me so much closer to the person I want to be professionally. I have learned mountains of important skills and I am figuring out the things I want to focus in on to advance my life forward.

Coming back from Hawaii and easing back into the work scene has been tough this time. I love working but I can’t stop thinking about Hawaii. Everything felt so simple there and I can’t help but wonder what it would be like to live there for a bit. We joked about it while we were there, saying how my parents will visit when I move, but I think I actually want to. Obviously not anytime soon soon but maybe in the next year or so.

I have had the desire to move somewhere away from Portland for awhile now. Not because I don’t love Portland, but because I do. I want to raise my family in Portland and be close to my parents and because of that I need to utilize this time now to go try out somewhere new.

Maui was the first place I have travelled to where I honestly felt like I could live there no questions asked. I loved Dublin while I was there but knowing the weather situation that isn’t what I’m looking for right now. I am looking for warmth and sun and water and that is Maui.

This post has turned a little into rambling but I wanted to share the exciting news I have as well as the other feelings going through my being right now.

What are your thoughts? 

What is the best place you have ever lived? Or wanted to live?

Hawaii recap (part 2)

Thoughts from posting the first part of the recap: I really wish I had taken more photos. One of these days I’ll learn!

We left off on Sunday after a damp day at the aquarium and delicious food at the Mill House. Monday morning we set off for ziplining up near Haleakala. We went through Skyline Eco Adventures and it was amazing! Our tour guides were an absolute riot and made any nervous feelings disappear.
I was very exited to try ziplining but I was also 100% sure I would be nervous on the platform before walking off. However, I found that I wasn’t as scared as I thought I would be and had a blast zipping through the trees.

The guides were definitely one of the best part of this trip. Hawaiian Fabio and Brown Sugar were their ‘names’ and they were a hoot. Their humor did a great job of easing everyone’s nerves and they had a lot of great tips and information about things to do and Hawaiian culture.

After the zipline tour we continued our trek upcountry to Haleakala crater.

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Hawaii recap (part 1)

I have had a pretty hard time adjusting to being back on the mainland. I absolutely loved Hawaii and coming home was tough. It was such an amazing nine days and even after we returned I kept my vacation mentality going throughout the weekend.

To begin the recap we need to rewind to Friday, October 2. The night before we were all wiped out from a full day of travel so we went to bed pretty early. I woke up Friday morning around 7:30 a.m., made some coffee, wrote a blog post and waited for others to arise.

Once the four of us had eaten we set off to run some errands. We started with Costco, making sure to stock up on pineapples. We got most of our food for the week then headed to Target for items we didn’t need in bulk.

Nolan and I both made sure to get boogie boards before our first trip to the beach–and boy did they get some good use. After errands we ate lunch, changed and headed off to our first beach adventure. We went to Makena Landing and had a blast. We spent a few hours there then covered in sand, we headed back to our place in Kihei.
Friday evening we went to Maui Dive Shop to rent some snorkels for the week and ended up gathering some great information about which zipline tours and surfing instructors we should go to. They also helped ease our minds about the “storm” coming in.

We finished off the evening at Pizza Madness followed by a few games of Yahtzee and 10,000.

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